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65forLIFE Natural Weight Loss System!

We have a wide range of the purest, highest quality products that offer natural relief for all levels of discomfort.


Please note that we are featuring a special, new product that has the whole world excited, a NATURAL weight loss accelerator that's easy to use.  Click on "Weight loss" and take a look at 65forLIFE.  Finally, a weight loss program that works!

We are committed to excellence and welcome your comments and suggestions!

Best regards,

Your Friends at

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ImmunRx Pure Colostrum Powder
ImmunRx Pure Colostrum Powder
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Pharma-Grad: COD Liver Oil
Pharma-Grad: COD Liver Oil
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DNA136: Advanced Nutrition Delivery
DNA136: Advanced Nutrition Delivery
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65forLIFE Program Guide
65forLIFE Program Guide
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ImmunRx Pure Colostrum Capsules
ImmunRx Pure Colostrum Capsules
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ImmunRx Proline Enriched Peptides (PEP) [5 oz]
ImmunRx Proline Enriched Peptides (PEP) [5 oz]
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PIP All-Purpose Cleaner - 8 Oz.
PIP All-Purpose Cleaner - 8 Oz.
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ImmunRx Pure Colostrum Powder$89.95
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Finally a Real Weight Loss System!

Finally a Real Weight Loss System!

One year ago in July 2010 I began to excercise as I had been rather sedentary for about 15 - 20 years and managed to put on about 15-20 lbs of excess weight (one pound for every year of working on a computer and sitting behind a desk).  Well I initially put on about 9 lbs of muscle but couldn't seem to "burn" off the excess weight. I was swimming regularly, doing strength training, abs and cardio work. Still I wasn't loosing the pounds, even after more than a year of working at it.

Enter "Non-Hormone hCG Accelerator". 

On the first day I lost 2.5 lbs, and then averaged 1 lb per day for the 13 days. By day 20 I was down 16 lbs and closing in on my ideal BMI. In the short 3 week period I also saw 2.5 inches gone from my waist and .75 inches of each thigh and about 3/8 of an inch off my neck. In addition I was down about 1.75 inches from my chest. However, I still maintained the same strength as I was still able to do about 150 push ups every other day.

As of today, I'm down a total of 17 lbs in 23 days, I have 3 more to go to reach my personal goal weight of 175.  I will have done in less that 30 days what I failed to accomplish in a year and a half of excercise and other so-called diet programs!

UPDATE: As of November 21, 2011 I've reached 176 lbs and now shifting into Phase III. I have lost a total of 3 inches off my waiste and now down 19 total lbs.

UPDATE #2: In Phase III - On November 24th I'm at 175.6 lbs and now on the 4th day of no longer taking hCG. My ideal weight to have a healthy BMI for my height and age and gender is 175.  I reached that now in 32 days. Also, my measurement at my waist (at the belly button) is now 33.75".  I started at 37.25, so I'm down 3.5" off my waist.  [Research has shown that even a small amount of excess belly fat increases your chances of a cardiac event by some 40%.] I AM 20 LBS LIGHTER!!!

UPDATE #3:  It is December 13, 2011.  On my last day of Phase III I weighed in at 174.7.  I only went up or down about 1.5 lbs in this phase.  This program is more about resetting the metabolism than it is about loosing weight.  I'm a believer.

This is a great weight loss program! (News report below)

By: Jonathan Jones

NOTE: The video below discusses both sides of the story about hCG. Some doctors feel its fine, some feel its not. Dr. Oz said that there is "no medical reasone why it should work.... but I can't deny the clear results that people are getting."  The hCG you find on this site is NON-HORMONE. It is a special formula that stimulates your body's natural production of hCG. Just click on the "Weight Loss" category to find the product.




For some 15 years my wife has suffered terribly with a persistent allergy to something unseen and seemingly undetectable. We thought it might perhaps be mold, pet dander or even dust mites, but we could not discover a way to consistently ensure she got relief.  For the most part we focussed on her immune system. That was a good thing because without a strong immune system, you can not live long in a chronically inflammed state.

Well one day a friend introduced us to a new probiotic environmental control product that changed our lives. With just one simple treatment (simply spraying a light mist on the bed, the sheets, the pillows and the comforter, my wife was able to lay down and simply rest and go to sleep for the first time in many years WITHOUT coughing one single time.  Consistently using this probiotic enviromental control product (Biomist) has led to consitent relief.

Besides the discomfort, not this article published by the University of Nebraska that reveals just how serious the issue is:


Managing House Dust Mites

by Barb Ogg, PhD, Extension Educator

House dust mites are found in most homes. They are microscopic, eight-legged creatures closely associated with us, but they are not parasitic and do not bite. They don't burrow under the skin, like scabies mites or live in skin follicles, like skin follicle mites.


The concern about dust mites is people are allergic to them. Symptoms associated with dust mite allergies include sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, nasal stuffiness, runny nose, stuffy ears, respiratory problems, eczema and (in severe cases) asthma. Many people notice these symptoms when they stir dust during cleaning activities. But, dust also contains other allergens, including cat and dog dander, cigarette ash, cockroach droppings, mold spores and pollen.

How can you find out if you're allergic to dust mites? An allergist, a medical doctor specially trained to treat allergies, should be consulted for proper diagnosis.

The dust mite allergen is their tiny feces and body fragments which are components of dust. These particles are so small they can become airborne and inhaled when dust is disturbed.


There are two species of house dust mites found in North America. These mites are so small they are virtually invisible without magnification. Female mites lay cream-colored eggs coated with a sticky substance so eggs will cling to the substrate. These mites have two distinct immature stages. Under optimal conditions, the entire life cycle from egg to adult takes three-four weeks.

House dust mites feed on human skin scales, pollen, fungi, bacteria and animal dander. Dust mites do not drink free water, but absorb water from the air and the environment.

To thrive, dust mites need very warm temperatures (75-80 degrees F) and high humidity levels -- 70-80 percent relative humidity. One study showed when humidity is 60 percent or lower, the mite population stops growing and dies out.

Humans continually shed skin and lose about 1/5 ounce of dead skin each week. We also spend about one-third of our lives sleeping so high levels of dust mites are often associated with the bedroom, especially bedding and the mattress. Dust mites also eat animal dander so allergens will be plentiful in areas where family pets sleep.

Dust Mite Management:

To eliminate dust mite allergens, first, take actions to reduce dust mite populations and second, reduce exposure to dust. No one method has been found for reducing mites and relieving allergy suffering.

LOWER HUMIDITY -- Reduce humidity levels to less than 50 percent inside your home, especially in the bedroom. This isn't hard to do in the winter, but can be a challenge in Nebraska during summer months, especially in homes without air conditioning. Studies have shown air-conditioned homes have ten times fewer dust mite allergens than non-air-conditioned homes. In addition to cooling the house, air conditioning reduces the humidity dust mites need to thrive. A study has shown using an electric blanket for eight hours each day reduced dust mites by 50 percent in one month.

AVOID FURRY OR FEATHERED PETS -- Pets with fur or feathers contribute to the dander in the dust and increase food source for mites. If you are a pet lover, locate their sleeping quarters as far from yours as possible and furnish their sleeping area so it can be cleaned easily. Hardwood or vinyl floors with washable area rugs are ideal.

REDUCING AIR INFILTRATION -- Airing out the house with open windows allows entry of pollen, which is another allergen as well as food for dust mites. In some climates, incoming air may be humid, which promotes dust mites.

CLEANING/HEAT TREATMENTS -- Wash all bedding weekly. Research has shown laundering with any detergent in warm water (77 degrees F) removes nearly all dust mite and cat allergen from bedding. If you cannot launder blankets, dry clean them once a year. Shampoo, steam clean or beat non-washable carpets once a year.

SELECT APPROPRIATE FURNISHINGS -- Avoid overstuffed furniture because it collects dust. Also avoid wool fabrics/rugs because wool sheds particles and is eaten by other insects. Use washable curtains and rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpeting. If you cannot replace carpeting, have it steam cleaned at least once a year, springtime is best. This will prevent a build up of dust mites feeding on skin cells in the carpet during the summertime. Enclose mattresses and pillows in plastic to decrease mite populations in the bed. Replace feather pillows with synthetic ones.

Dust Management:

Eliminating dust from the environment is important in reducing allergens in sensitive people.

VACUUMING -- The most important tool for managing house dust and dust mites is the vacuum cleaner. Regular, thorough vacuuming of carpets, furniture, textiles and other home furnishings such as draperies will help keep dust mite populations low. Vacuums with a water filter are preferable to those with a disposable paper bag because a water vacuum removes a greater range of particle sizes than paper-bag types. There are vacuums with highly efficient filters (HEPA) designed for use by people with allergies to dust. It is better to vacuum thoroughly once a week rather than lightly on a daily basis. Vacuum mattresses and padded furniture thoroughly; 20 minutes for each mattress is not too long.

DUSTING -- Dust furniture before you vacuum so the dust has time to settle on the floor, where it can be picked up by the vacuum. Do not scatter dust. Instead, dust with a damp cloth rather than dry dusting. Spraying furniture polish/dusting liquid directly on surface reduces airborne particles by 93 percent compared with dry dusting.

AIR PURIFERS -- A researcher at the University of Texas-Austin found a HEPA air filter was much more effective at removing dust than ion-generating air purifiers which make particles electrically charged to remove them from circulating air. For more information on this research, visit HERE

The problem with ion-generating air filters is they emit significant amounts of ozone. Ozone irritates the lungs and can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and throat irritation. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ozone may worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and compromise the ability of the body to fight respiratory infections. The EPA also states manufacturers and vendors of ozone devices often use misleading terms to describe ozone. Terms such as "energized oxygen" or "pure air" suggest ozone is a healthy kind of oxygen. Ozone is a toxic gas with vastly different chemical and toxicological properties from oxygen. For more information about health problems associated with ozone, check out


We will never live another day without the ability to Control and Dominate the Microscopic Environment around us. A simple product that cost only $25 has changed our lives.  Give Biomist a try and if you're not satisfied, they'll refund your money.

Best regards,

Jonathan Jones

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